Share your plight to warn other pet owners

For many dacades pet owners in Hong Kong have been suffering from exhobitant treatment fees by many veterinarians who operate their clinics like a money-sucking blackbox.

The Hong Kong Pet Owners Public Group often received complaints on price disputes between owners and vets, with the former complaining they had limited information about how to pick a good vet, resulting in some being charged astronomical fees for services.

Some owners even claimed that their pets were put through excessive treatments, ringing up more charges, she said.

“Also, animals cannot speak to express exactly how they feel when sick. They are often put under many diagnostic treatments which may be very expensive, and the owners have no way of telling whether these are necessary.

And medical blunders involving pets were often not exposed, as filing a complaint to the Veterinary Surgeons Board took too long and was complicated.

Its time we speak up.  If you have an unlucky experience, you are welcome to share here with us all.  You are encoruaged to provide your story in as much detail as possble, including the date, time and name of the clinic and the vet practitioners involced.  The publication of your story will serve as a heads-up to the vulnerable pet owners in Hong Kong.

Act now! submit your story as a comment on this page.  We will then post it after reviewing.  Please note that we might edit your story to ensure that it won’t trigger any legal encrumblance.

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